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Maintain healthy teeth and gums for dogs and cats

With your help, both your dogs and your cats can have healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives. Both cats and dogs benefit from regular brushing. We can show you how at Imlay City Veterinary Clinic P.C. If you begin at an early age, the brushing becomes routine after a while, and your pet may even enjoy the process. Don't forget the treats when you've finished.

Pet dental care Pet dental care

- Chew treats recommended by a veterinarian

- Regular brushing at home

- Yearly dental check-ups by a veterinarian

- Nutritious diet

Dental care for dogs and cats

Another important dental health tip for your pet includes feeding them the right kinds of foods. Dry food obviously helps keep your pet's teeth free from tartar build-up better than wet food. Our staff is ready to help your pets with dental care and to maintain a healthy life.

Feed your pets the right kind of food

Periodontal or gum disease has become the number one health issue for cats. You can prevent the tartar build-up.

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